Monday 27/11/2006, 16:09

K, I can't find this anywhere in the instructions. What criteria is used to determine how many hits on a player happens after the players character is knocked out? I've pumped all my pills into fury and power on my 8 damage character, killed the other players character in the 2nd hit on the 2nd round and I just hit the other player ONCE. then they turn around, dump 1 pill into a 2 damage character and get 5 hits on ME!??! How does this all work? I've lost matches where 3 of my cards won, but because they had 1 more hit on me, i've lost.

Thanks for the help.

Tuesday 05/12/2006, 18:46

Here's a funny story to share.

I put 7 Pillz on my 5 star Vladimir and it got pummeled by a 3 star Igniss with only 1 Pillz.

Sometimes, I just wonder if all these randomization of battles can be wrong or biased. What do you think? Do you have a funny story like mine to share?


Tuesday 05/12/2006, 20:26

Umm... one time in band camp...

Everyone knows how the random can feel wrong, but thats what random is all about.

Vote for no random in the poll.

Wednesday 06/12/2006, 01:17

Yup, I had a few encounters with the random factor when my card should have clearly won. Kinda puts the surprise element in the game although it can be a downer at times when winning or losing depends on that one last card. Hmm, where's the poll?


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