Wednesday 29/11/2006, 18:25

We need another nifty tag like EVO or OLD. how about SLOW ? there are lots of poeple who can give you the Joy of playing loooooong games any time of day and night ...

Wednesday 13/12/2006, 12:16

Ur confusing me more tell me where to go what to do

Wednesday 17/01/2007, 03:28

I hope they ban people who play slow...Or put a 1minute timer in and u get auto win if they timeout

Monday 22/01/2007, 07:41

Is there a way to change nik so u know then i will put EVo i am my nik as well ?

Monday 22/01/2007, 08:17

Eazy-E go to your profile page then click on your will now give you the option to change it...then click save

good games always smiley

Monday 22/01/2007, 11:33

What is old mode?

Monday 22/01/2007, 12:10

OLD Mode is...Play all your cards with no pillz...if you win the match by KO your average battle points would be somthing like 54

good games smiley

Monday 22/01/2007, 20:42

In old mode,can u use fury?
and in evo can u KO ur opponent with fury,if they lose either way?

Tuesday 23/01/2007, 05:37

No the fairplay rules are no fury in both game styles pills what so ever in old and in evo its just considered unfair...because you not there to win you there to evolve your cardssmiley

Tuesday 23/01/2007, 06:26

OLD mode - no fury, no pills
EVO, you can fury when you have won the round hands down for the KO, but never to out damage your opponent in the last round for the cheap win. Fair play & GGs. smiley

Tuesday 23/01/2007, 06:57

HMMMM i see...thanks 0-JPsmiley


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