offline Ji Nius Hero  
Friday 01/12/2006, 23:48

-reDux- is an English based Guild, but all nationalities are welcome.

I'm unable to accomodate non-english speaking players at the moment (mainly because I only speak English smiley ), but I hope to rectify this in the future.

Co-operation is the rule:
Swapping tactics, advice on decks, inter-Guild competion and EVOing is the main aim of this Guild, the better we become as a Guild, the better we become individually and vice versa.

With all due respect, only players over Level 10 will be accepted (unless you can impress me. I will monitor players progress smiley ).

One other rule... in Tournaments, there are no rules!

I have spent a lot of money on Urban Rivals (check out how many cards I own), so I hope you realise that I intend -reDux- to be a long-lasting, and respected Guild.

I hope to see you soon

Ji Nius

offline AOD_CKANE Imperator  
Monday 04/12/2006

Yeah, I am first to admit Bill is a better player then me (all those years of MTG paid off for him). I'm a better chatter though smiley

offline Ji Nius Hero  
Monday 04/12/2006, 01:33

All advice is greatly appreciated. I've playded CK before... I was only a level 15... smiley

I'll not say any more on the subject smiley

I guess the only way to see if anyone is any good is to play/watch them over time. Thing is, i've beat a level 70, yet lost to a level 11...

Yzer, if you wanna play, you're more than welcome. I will play my hardest deck against you tho, and if i win, your mine smiley

offline Ji Nius Hero  
Monday 04/12/2006, 01:43

WB - again you raise a good point, BS is a big factor, and hopefully i can work out when someone is taking the P. I know I have weaknesses, but I also have strenghts. (not spelling tho). I want to be a good admin, and in my mind that means that the Guild should run on its own... but im not stoopid... i realise i may have to boot people if they dont play (if you know what i mean) ... I want to avoid that, but i probably can't.

I guess the only thing i can do is play against 'members', and see what style they have, then base my judgement on that...

btw, all advice is greatly appreciated, thank you smiley

offline Ji Nius Hero  
Thursday 07/12/2006, 19:40

All good points guys, thank you.

After consideration, -reDux-is open to all players, the only condition is that you are active in UR.



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