offline soliuz Imperator  
Wednesday 09/04/2008, 20:53

Well since you know i have to huge free lotteries and im so lazy i cant wright all the names down... so i was wondering if anyone is interested in wrighting every name on the lottery when the deadline is for a lost hog or 3-4kish card and its a lost hog for wrighting the names of one lottery so im looking for two people

requirements: must be ACTIVE AND ACCURATE

so yea post here dont pm

offline LB DyAbLo Titan  
Thursday 10/04/2008, 02:30

I got the job!smiley

offline Varathron Imperator ELITE NATION
Thursday 10/04/2008, 02:50

Well if ya actually need my help at any time just yell

offline LB DyAbLo Titan  
Thursday 10/04/2008, 02:56

Not Really Its easy just copy and pastesmiley

offline DarkAssault Imperator TRiNiTY
Thursday 10/04/2008, 03:28

Ill do the job

offline LB DyAbLo Titan  
Thursday 10/04/2008, 03:44

Finish writing down the name down took for ever!:smiley

offline 3M Andrei 3x Senior Urban United
Thursday 10/04/2008, 05:08

If you require my services just let me know..

offline iiiaaannn Imperator  
Thursday 10/04/2008, 05:29

Let jade do it.. smiley

offline AlphaSneo Guru  
Thursday 10/04/2008, 05:33

Hey, im Nate, im new, but im active, 3-5 hours daily, lvl 1 to 24 in less than 2 weeks
ill take da job

offline WarriorDudeAB Hero aussie battler's
Thursday 10/04/2008, 07:41

Ill do 4 ya soliuz im on 4 hrz a day but if u dont need me atm i'll w8 and if u need me just tell me and i'll do itsmileysmileysmiley

offline x iiGlucozZEe Guru Invictus
Thursday 10/04/2008, 08:26

Ill do it for a hel or suming or for free my lvl is 21 and im a titan so pm me

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