offline soliuz Imperator  
Wednesday 09/04/2008, 20:53

Well since you know i have to huge free lotteries and im so lazy i cant wright all the names down... so i was wondering if anyone is interested in wrighting every name on the lottery when the deadline is for a lost hog or 3-4kish card and its a lost hog for wrighting the names of one lottery so im looking for two people

requirements: must be ACTIVE AND ACCURATE

so yea post here dont pm

offline torchic Novice  
Thursday 10/04/2008, 09:58

Soliuz im very active iam almost 8 hours or just count from 7:00 to11:30 then 3:00 to 5:30 (filipino time) in just one day im always at lost warehouse open almost everyday it is except special occasions

offline LB DyAbLo Titan  
Thursday 10/04/2008, 13:42

Stop sending him messagez I already did the paper work!smiley

offline von Hohenheim Senior  
Thursday 10/04/2008, 16:26

I'm available if you need smiley

offline soliuz Imperator  
Thursday 10/04/2008, 20:42

Close this plz i already got my wrighters

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