offline GundhamTanaka Colossus The Trend
Wednesday 09/04/2008, 23:12

Hey every1 i always wanted to do this, so i guess i will, i might need some help though, but i am going to name
all the clan leaders or who i think they are. i got bored so i guess im doing it smiley also im taking a survey, of which clan leader ppl most like, but ill tell u when that will happen right now if u think another person is a clan leader, tell me by putting it on here, thx! smiley
all stars-Eyrton
fang pi clan- lost hog
gheist-sigmund cr
junkz-dj korr cr?
la junta- general cr
leader dosen't have one smiley
roots-??????smileysmileysmiley(who is it?)
sakrohm-guru cr
ulu watu- tanaereva?
uppers-zatman??? no clue

offline Baron Brixius Legend  
Saturday 12/04/2008, 22:33

Also, sorry for the double post, but I think Beetenka is a better choice for the Uppers Leader.

Coiner of the phrase "wealth for the rich", Beetanka fights against the poor who strive to become rich. According to her, wealth is transmitted genetically, one doesn't become rich: one either is or one isn't and the poor must remain poor.

That sounds like the Uppers motto doesn't it? Her bio sounds much more like a leader of the Uppers than Dorian, Jackie, or anyone else.

offline Baron Brixius Legend  
Saturday 12/04/2008, 22:41

Lol one more post i suppose

I submit that the roots have no "leader" because they're probably into the whole commune idea (like me:razzsmiley But i think the founder can be narrowed down to 2 members Matthew and Ataoualpet


Having just finished a sell-out tour with his band, the Windows, Matthew decided to quit the music business to devote himself to meditation and philosophy. After 2 long years, spent alone in the woods, he finally got back on the road to spread the good news that pillz and love are the answer...


Ataoualpet miraculously survived a plane crash when he was just a baby and was taken in by a family of condors in the Andes Cordillera. He lived like a bird until investors decided to build the world's tallest hotel right on top of his nest. Ataoualpet is none too happy about this and so he sets out to ruffle up their feathers!

All other bios talk about being a roots ally or joining the roots or something like that. I'd say Matthew is probably the roots founder, but idk if he was one of the first cards so maybe the bird guy that i don't want to spell lol

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Sunday 13/04/2008, 02:23

Kiki cr smart monkey is leader!!! smiley

offline Blue Zero Senior  
Sunday 13/04/2008, 02:46

Ataoualpet is for the roots
montana is 0- JP

offline RKSicaa Master  
Sunday 13/04/2008, 03:23

Roots can be either Page or Nahi I think or Ndolo!
Leaders uhhhhm Vholt maybe whyd you think they gave him for Level 50
Hahaha Dorian=Willie Revilliame LOL!

offline ZEPPELlN Hero  
Sunday 13/04/2008, 04:41

Montana - JP no doubt.

offline 000_zKINGx Master BrainZtorm
Sunday 20/04/2008, 02:48

All Stars: Eyrton
Bangers: Bodenpower
Fi Pi: Founder: Lost Hog/ Leader: Kinjo
Freaks: Boris
Gheist: Sigmund
Junkz: DJ Korr
La Junta: General
Leaders: Morphun
Montana: Don
Nightmare: Ielina
Pussycats: Charlie
Rescue: Kerry
Roots: Mathew
Sakrohm: Guru
Sentinel: Copper
Ulu Watu: Tanaereva
Uppers: Dorian

offline nqa2nite Guru  
Sunday 20/04/2008, 06:15

Lost Hog is both the leader and the founder

Ninja Master at the Golden Mountain Monastery, Kinjo refuses to train those he judges unworthy. Since he joined the Clan he's only had two students: Lost Hog and Ashigaru. When Natrang made out that Kinjo was actually just a lazy old man, he ended up in the infirmary for two months. Since then, there haven't been any more complaints.

Kinjo joined the clan. Maybe he saw that Lost Hog wasn't strong enough so he trained him but that doesn't make him the leader or the founder.

The Fang Pi description is all about Lost Hog.

offline Khundes Veteran  
Sunday 20/04/2008, 06:19

Fang Pi Clang is a martial arts monastery handed down through generations.

Kinjo is the current master of the monastery, but Lost Hog leads the clan. It's like those martial arts movies where the bad guy has a henchman to train his army or nameless ninja that get owned smiley

This can be reinforced by reading a few bios and the clan description. Lost Hog himself wants to set up a Bruce Lee clone instead of the current government "because only he knew the secret of the great Golden Slap." And the clan bio states that the clan wants to replace the government with a Bruce Lee clone they raised in secret. So Lost Hog has to be the one making the decisions; the clan leader.

offline 000_zKINGx Master BrainZtorm
Monday 28/04/2008, 02:26

Do you agree with the rest?smiley

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