offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Friday 08/12/2006, 17:55

My cards: your cards:
Lamar Nanook
Striker Tanaereva
Alexei Ice Jim
Flo Gaia
My first turn is lamar...what will be ur card?smiley

offline BodeCBM-EVO Hero  
Friday 08/12/2006, 18:17

Probably tanaereva (using a lot of pills to win) or nanook/icejim without any pills.

offline MiauRock Veteran  
Friday 08/12/2006, 23:37

Ice Jim only smiley

offline MiauRock Veteran  
Saturday 09/12/2006

Boosted with pillz. Definitely smiley

offline Wylde_Bil_AOD Legend Army of Darkness
Saturday 09/12/2006, 07:28

I would use jim and let you win that round cause leading with lamar you put atleast 3 pillz because of you think i will play one of the other 3, he is your best card. if you use more then 3 pillz on him and you will fight an up hill battle; but it would be my fight to loss, not yours to win. if you use 3 or less then you still have a chance.

offline 0-Ianzro Novice NASTY NOYP!
Saturday 09/12/2006, 11:21

I'd use nanook instead of ice jim since u can make fight jim and flo and nanook can damage 4

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