Friday 25/04/2008, 09:39

Their enemies were hoping that Lamar Cr’s departure would have weakened them and that they’d never get back on top form. How wrong they were… With the arrival of Allison and Robb, the All Stars are ready to take on anyone. And with Pam and Frida now on board, the Rescue are making it clear that they’re definitely here to stay.
Get these characters in the shop’s Action and New Blood packs.

Sunday 18/05/2008, 04:45

Finally i got robb from the market and now i can give better comment.
This card is very good, it can be used to beat a big card and even it's ability is stopped,it's still 7-4 smiley

Sunday 07/09/2008, 13:16

I want a rare card for Roots and La Junta
like a 4power8damage card that would be helpful

Sunday 07/09/2008, 22:25

How can 4/8 be helpful o.O
8/4 yeah ... it might be helpful but 4 power is just too low.

Monday 08/09/2008, 19:22

Thats wot i ment smart sh*t

Tuesday 09/09/2008, 02:57

PLZ Dont Speak That Way, It Will Be Offensive To Others....

Tuesday 09/09/2008, 03:36

Well sorry to break the news OTV_AVITAR theres already some card that meet your standers but are not rares. Rares really aren't that good because there hard to get in packs.

Heres a list of cards that meet your standers or are better
Rico With his ability hes stronger then a 8 power card
Ratanah one more damage then you said and has a great ability

La Junta
Bruce 8/5 with Bonus
Chiro way stronger with ability and bonus
Wardog with Bonus


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