Friday 25/04/2008, 17:41

Entry Fee= 50 Clintz (you sell me a card for 50 clintz then I sell back for 100)
When= Sunday, April 27th ( 2 Days from Now)
Where= Danger Zone ( No Randoms)
Who= Everyone of Every LVL (nobody will be denied entry)
Decks= 30* Limit and no Rescue decks will be allowed
Prizes= 1st place 50% of jackpot, 2nd place 25% of jackpot, 3rd place 15% of Jackpot, 4th place gets money back

Saturday 26/04/2008, 20:07

3m dl_neacsu is the only one whos sent both fee and deck in. If nobody else turns there fee or deck in remind me to give you your money back

Sunday 27/04/2008, 02:23

Tournaments Cancelled (Mods please Close)


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