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Sunday 27/04/2008, 02:38

I'm hosting a standard tournament. Only levels 15+ may enter and be able to sell cards. No Rescue cards will be allowed. The Deck Limit will be ELO mode standard 25* and no banned cards. PM me with your Deck.

-Entry Fee- 200 Clintz
-When- This Saturday around 9 pm Est U.S time
Where- Danger Zone ( No randoms)

Brackets will be posted on Friday night or Saturday Morning. All entry Fees will need to be in by Friday Night or you cannot participate.

Rules: Best of three( you win 2 your opponent wins 1= You move on and your opponent is eliminated)
Both players must PM me right after your round finishes up. If nobody Pms me then both are disqualified. If only one Pm's me then I will choice them to move on whether or not they said they won or lost. If anyone is caught cheating then tell me about it immediately and i will deal with it. Cheating is an instant ban from tournament! I will Pm the winners on who they will face next so they can decide when to battle it out. Top 4 players receive cash prizes.

1st place= 40% of total Jackpot
2nd Place= 20% of Total Jackpot
3rd Place= 10 % of total Jackpot
4th Place= 5% of total Jackpot or money back depending on Amount.

There will be a Maximum of 40 players allowed so sign up ASAP.

Any Questions please Pm me and i will be happy to Answer them for you.

offline 3M Andrei 3x Senior Urban United
Wednesday 14/05/2008, 15:48


offline 0-Homer Guru Peenoise Republic
Thursday 15/05/2008, 11:18

Im In

offline Louschen Guru Knights Ressurection
Thursday 15/05/2008, 14:16

But where is the 25%>?smiley
in who's pocket will go this money?smiley

offline Louschen Guru Knights Ressurection
Saturday 17/05/2008, 13:56

Close please!

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