Ability that doesnt matter

Friday 15/12/2006, 13:42

I would just like to know what the poison ability does...Gheistling has this ability and i dont see the point of the poison abilty lol...smiley

Monday 19/03/2007, 03:58

Oh yeah, I just recognize that Rose (or Rosa) from Montana is the strongest poison type card with 6 power 6 damage stats. But poorly, Montana not counted in my deck T.T but with 6 6 and your poison attack succeed, it'll become 6 8 >.< Wow O.o

Monday 19/03/2007, 18:37

Poison would be better if it could KO your opponent.

Monday 19/03/2007, 18:48

But poorly, poison cannot KO's your opponent, but hey, it still effected your opponent till final round end, well, for some times, it really saved me smiley


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