___=== NO PILLZ TOURNAMENT 2* & 3*===__

Saturday 03/05/2008, 09:04

- tax entry 600 clintz----->you sell me a card for 50, and I will sell it back for 650
- no unevolved cards, no Recue, (no pillz)
- room to play ---> Danger Zone
- you play 3 matches against your opponent, and you will post the result here on the forum
- I will make some groups, and the best 2 players from each group will go to the next round/semi
- If any match goes past the timelimit , the player loses that match(he can still play the other 2 when the 2 players will meet again)
- no doubles

Game Calculations:
Score calculations is be based solely on the combined total points earned from all 3 battles.
Even if you win more then you lose, if your opponent has more points,the opponent moves on

1st place---->50% + a Green Card---I will explain this after the admin will allow this tourney
2nd place--->30%
3rd place---->gets Petra( right now at the market is 1k unevolved)

---> this tournament is very similar with the one hold by DarkAssault, which at this time is at it's end <---

2 more things:
-you don't have to send me your decks
-Don't cheat===>DQ
have fun !!!!!!!!

Sunday 15/06/2008, 10:46

I payed everybody......................PLEASE CLOSE THIS ADMINS


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