offline Giako Darron Veteran  
Monday 25/12/2006, 10:29

Who can explain me how to play welll in Evo mode???

offline MistaGrimm Imperator  
Tuesday 06/02/2007, 11:35

So can i play EVO without changing my nickname? smiley

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Tuesday 06/02/2007, 12:01

U need to put EVO in your name, not unless you message your opponent that is is a EVO match beforehand.
GGs! smiley

offline MistaGrimm Imperator  
Tuesday 06/02/2007, 12:24

I do that before i start the fight , so i guess is ok smiley

offline ACESWOLF Guru ACESWOLF Guild
Tuesday 06/02/2007, 17:52

smileysmileysmileysmiley EVO CHEATERS how do I deal with them. I hate it They will have all maxed out cards and one not maxed out OR I get the guys that don't want to lose so they use 4,4,4 pills How do I stop this.smileysmileysmiley

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Tuesday 06/02/2007, 19:10

Easy... my personal defense is GraksmxxT and Uranus against those EVO cheaters... at least they give me a fighting chance whenever im challenged by All evolved cards...smiley

offline Wylde_Bil_AOD Legend Army of Darkness
Tuesday 06/02/2007, 19:35

Evo is never in my name but i evo alot, i do ask before hand. however, noone has truly answered his question. evo is play to evolve your cards, the person whos turn is first puts 6 pillz on a UNEVOLVED CARD, the opponent puts a card out with no pillz, basically do give the person a higher chance of victory (unless in the room that has no randomazation in that case its a sure victory), then in the second fight the other person goes and puts 6 pillz on a UNEVOLVED CARD, this goes back and forth for the whole game, you don't play evo to win. you can play with unevolved cards in your deck that gives your opponent more xp when their card wins, it is not manditory to do this. if you do play with fully evoed cardsand you draw 3 fully evoed cards and one unevoed card and your opponent draws atleast 3 unevoed cards it is good sportsmanship to putt all your pillz on your unevoed card to show your opponent that you will let them lvl 3 of their cards. however this is no manditory either.

offline MistaGrimm Imperator  
Wednesday 07/02/2007, 13:14

ACES TITANEVO im down with you at this one...not only they have all the cards maxed out they put like 6 pillz on them ... how am i suppose to lvl up my card if they have a lvl 5 card against my unevolved lvl 2? smiley ...and this happens in the "warehouse room" where we "suppose" to lvl up our new cards smiley

offline ACESWOLF Guru ACESWOLF Guild
Thursday 08/02/2007, 02:18

smileysmileysmileyEVO should be in the warehouse room Everyone should go there and EVO playsmileysmileysmiley

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Thursday 08/02/2007, 10:31

Here is my solution, when playing in the Lost warehouse, the wins or losses are not counted. I'v never played there but there are people who dont want to tarnish their win/loss record, this is the reason why they cheat in the Dark Corners with 3-4 Evolved cards or Fury in their matches, especially in tournaments. I hope that you understand that if the wins/losses in the Lost warehouse are not recorded, more people will play there for the "pure" sake of just leveling up their cards. I for one would like to level up my cards in that situation.
GGs! smiley

offline MistaGrimm Imperator  
Thursday 08/02/2007, 16:44

I think EVO is already in the warehouse room (read the description under the room) .. But I cant understand why players who have no cards to evolve go there and waste my time or the others. smiley..This pisses me off!smiley

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