Thursday 28/12/2006, 05:36

OMFG you ppls
i play Ulu Watu since day one before ELO and you know what
They don't win all the time -____-
Tell you this much.. the SMARTEST players win

Remember the One Hit KO by Kinjo, Lost Hog and Lao
i cant count how many times players win by that
This game is all about reading your opponents next move
like chess! (except you can alter the combination of chess figures)

There are ways around the Ulu Watu
i HatE to share this coz i'm playing them but
Ulu Watu's DMG is shitty.. remember that

and if you're so afraid of Ulu Watu
dont play DANGER zone.. simple

Friday 05/01/2007, 07:43

Already did im now using a Uppers / Allstars deck thanx cannon spikesmiley

Friday 05/01/2007, 14:47

What cards are in your Uppers/All Stars deck, Suicidal? I'm building one too although I'm missing one Lamar. Sigh...


Tuesday 09/01/2007, 19:02

Without Lamar try Striker, Flo, Alexei and Lewis. Maybe Eyrton over Alexei/Lewis if you have enough stars.

Wednesday 10/01/2007, 08:04

Yeah Lamar won't fit in my current lineup due to the star count, thanks for the info Dutch.


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