offline ShamedGod Titan  
Tuesday 20/05/2008, 14:28

OK, So I checked the math this time. As an apology I reworked the prizes, dropped the fee, and increased the minimum tickets.

(see )

1 ticket = 1500 Clintz
5 tickets = 6500 Clintz
10 Tickets = 10000 Clintz

Minimum Tickets Sold 300 Tickets

1st Prize
Vickie, Jackie, Wee Lee, Baby Q
Total Market Value 45K

2nd Prize an ELO deck:
Z3r0 D34d
Total Market Value 35K

3rd Prize
Kenny & Kolos
Total Market Value 35K (and Climbing)

4th Prize
Page Cr
Market Value 10K

5th Prize Vermyn n
Martet Value 7K

Grand Prize
Lamar CR, Elya CR, Seldnor CR, Cassio Cr, Nahi Cr
Total Market Value 160K


All cards are MAXed (even CRs)

Lottery will be held on June 10th in honor of my sister getting married that Saturday.

All entries must be collected by June 9th. Please PM me the amount of entries you wish to purchase, once the total reaches above 300 I will sell you a card for the amount of the entry fee. CARD IS YOURS TO KEEP, value of card will be 200 clintz or less. IF YOU REQUEST A CARD VALUE OF CARD WILL BE ADDED TO THE TICKET PRICE!

Fee not collected until minimum met.

You will be PMed your numbers, Drawing will be done by a random number generator.

Legends of America Guild member ( are NOT eligible to buy tickets (see guild forum for details)

offline OC_Jiggs_Fast Titan  
Sunday 08/06/2008, 10:06

Is grand prize 1st pick or 6th

offline Boysavage Colossus ELITE NATION
Sunday 08/06/2008, 11:20

Grand prize is 1st pick

offline DriftingFlare Novice  
Sunday 08/06/2008, 12:55

That guild is not the legends of america, it'sthe urban regulators.

offline ShamedGod Titan  
Sunday 08/06/2008, 14:54

Grand prize is 6th pick

it goes in the order you see...







However since The number generator will be coming up with all the numbers at the same time it's not like I couldn't making any order I wished smiley

offline TNT_KoRn Titan TRiNiTY
Monday 09/06/2008, 01:00

I can't wait it's almost here!!smiley

offline ShamedGod Titan  
Monday 09/06/2008, 03:14


The ticket count is 346 sold.

337 was the last DP number. gASK had his Frida upgrades to a Robb.

Thank you all for making this a success! If there is interest, I might also organize a tournament. However I forgot how time consuming these events can be.

The Legends of America Guild members Also thank you! As I mentioned, they where not eligible, reason was two fold:

1. I couldn't make it seem fair if one of them won.
2. The profit from this Lotto is going towards those members active in the forum.

This all came about from my sister getting married on June 14 and her forbidding me to get her a gift. So thank her and wish her many years of happy marriage...

Good Luck to Everyone!

offline Leonumber11 Imperator  
Monday 09/06/2008, 10:25

The drawings tommorrow yesssssss

offline Anger_HM Hero Hueco Mundo
Monday 09/06/2008, 10:59

@shame..tell to your sister..she has a great brother and congratz..wish her luck and success..smiley

offline ShamedGod Titan  
Monday 09/06/2008, 11:07

Results will be posted tomorrow.

There are no pending entries.

I'm going to Cap it at 350 so there isn't a rush at the end. That will allow four single to be sold to round out the total entries.

Random generator will be out of 350. If those tickets are not sold and come up then they will be dead draws like 301 and a 7th prize will be added with the redraw.

Here is the Lucky ticket number results:

DP # Prize Winner
42 Estalt Ouc_chris
69 Kati Lewis100
101 Dr. Saw KG redtom7
222 Kinjo lilbebo89
300 Loma noju tbbyrne
337 Robb gASK

The other thread is hopefully closed: this is the only one I will post the results in.

Winners will receive a congratulatory PM and have till July 10th to claim their prize from the private sales.

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