offline pumpkin Guru  
Wednesday 21/05/2008, 09:37

Lelena ’s plan seemed to be going off without a hitch until Lilith's surprise intervention. The town’s fate is up for grabs. But what have the Sentinel been up to all this time? Find out in the comic’s third episode!

offline -Santor- Hero  
Wednesday 21/05/2008, 12:50

Well, nice episode with the fights and all, but I....didn't like it!
I know how it sounds but I just didn't. First, we are not told what the message was that Lilith said to Ielena.
The description of the episode talks about Sentinel. Unless I am blind, there was no "Sentinel been up to"
Oh, and yeah, the superpower vampire. Took down both GHEIST members. Now, this is the only good part. She does show that she is worth being the clan leader.
haha is it just me or was Glorg brown?

Other than that, the drawings were amazing. Nice work and I can't wait for the next to see what happens.

offline LOA_PuppyChow Guru Legends of America
Wednesday 21/05/2008, 15:45

I noticed Glorgs coloration as well, though i believe it was the lighting of the environment.
as for the episode, i completely agree with DragonTamer.
not much was shown about what's going on with Sentinel.
Ielena showed some hard core beat down potential.
though her art style was very much like Lea in this issue.
is she always drawn like that? or is that just in the comics?

Cell acted much more like Golem than i had expected.

only 1 episode left before the break.

and... since when does Lilith wear a braw smiley

available yaoihuntresse Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Wednesday 21/05/2008, 19:08

Alchimist: I think it has more to do with Gheist not liking anyone messing with the people that already belong to them. I see Gheist as the idealistic facist regime; you may be under their power, but they'll take care of you.

offline Kunduz Hero  
Wednesday 21/05/2008, 20:18

Thanx ,Yaoihuntresse now i get it..smiley

offline SimonW_UM Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 21/05/2008, 23:07

One has to speculate, if the myth of a vampire sucking your blood without you sucking their blood make you a vampire? I prefer to believe that Ielena only sucked Lilith to replenish her strength. It may not turn Lilith into a vampire...just leave her with one nasty hickey. smiley

I don't think Leviatonn will become Cr. He is only "dead" in the comic universe. I mean, when Chad Bread and Lamar became Cr, they were not dropped from the comics, they were not even in them!

As for the artwork on Cell and Ielena, Cell is shown in his Lv1 card format. And just because he looks skinny in his card format, I'm sure with his adrenaline pumping and going into action he is slightly more beefed up then in his docile state.
Yeah, Ielena is also in her 1st (level 2) card format. No doubt the comic has not transpired far enough into the future.

I do agree however that the mistake of the story plot about Lilith's message to Ielena was somehow forgotten. But, I think it is understandable due to the fact that Lilith states to Dieter to call up Ielena so she can blackmail her. What she is blackmailing her with seems yet to be unknown. Maybe the use of Vryer's services without GHEIST's okay?
In any case, there is no need to harp on at the message, because no doubt the writers shall explain (hopefully) in the fourth installment.

offline ch3valier Imperator  
Thursday 22/05/2008, 02:28

It'd be nice if Lilith got a life per damage ability... especially since I already bought the card when it was cheap...

I was very confused about why GHEIST was messing around with Nightmare but I guess it's just GHEIST wanting to keep an upper hand in the crime game....

hopefully Leviatonn doesn't go cr... he's too expensive already...

offline ab210_LR Master  
Thursday 22/05/2008, 23:44

Leviatonn wont go Cr because if you read his Bio you can see that se isnt the only one. In other words one of him dies, they can make more

offline X-Thuga-X Legend  
Saturday 24/05/2008, 22:07

Is lilith becoming a vampire?! it should since Ielena bit her

offline tree_watcher Veteran  
Sunday 25/05/2008, 06:40

Wow Leviatonn is not the only one!

offline AoEM Tarr Legend Army of Elite Mercenaries
Sunday 25/05/2008, 12:35

Since Leviatonn is not just a freak of nature but a grown-in-a-jar made by sick-minded scientist freak of nature, he can be surely mended after his dead.

Melluzine and whoever else dies from nightmare clan cant be considered dead cos of the nightmare's waking-up-dead-people skills.

Last thing is Lilith - i think if shes going to become a vampire she will probably become Cr and a new card of lilith will come out - i assume stronger and rare... but thats just a big IF and it will happen only if those who are responsible for making new card will stick to the story of those responsible for the comic

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