offline pumpkin Guru  
Wednesday 21/05/2008, 14:13

In order to rebalance ELO mode and to make it more interesting, we’ve decided to lift the ban on Wanda and Baby Q (Pussycats) and instead to ban Lyse Teria Cr (Montana), Alec (Rescue) and Zatman (Uppers). These changes will come into effect from Monday May 26th

offline DPSlazton08 Titan  
Wednesday 10/09/2008, 13:32

I don't think I have any real complaints when playing this gamew and I don't think I've come across cards that need to be ELO banned. It seems that people are spinning towards elliminating cards that they disagree with. It happens in any gaming system. Anyone a Warhammer 40K fan? Chaos Space Marines still get yelled at for being cheesy and in need of being tonned done, then there are Tyranids and don't forget the cheating Necrons that always stomp the Tau.

The Game Developers create a game where any clan and any combination of cards can potentially win. Now this is done because of the random factor, which to me is a love/hate reaction. At times I am cursing it when a guy uses one pill and I use 6 and loose big time, but then I love it when its the game clenching last turn and my loser card stomps the other card. Sure you can beat Roots, you need to just counter with the Piranas or Nightmare. Now I will admit when I want to just win and I am bored, I unleash my non-ELO rescue deck and I agree Marco and Alec should have been banned.

Ah well, in my mind, adapt. I've found I've never been able to stick with the same 'tournament-winning' deck. I'm always adapting and I find that to be one of the beauties of UR. In any game, its nice to be able to counter and change, to alter tactics and to try to win.

Just my two cents.

offline 69 hoodrich Legend  
Thursday 11/09/2008, 07:28

I have no intention on looking at this thread again so I'm just going to give my take on the current game. First off I don't think the roots are the major problem. Yes they are strong but they aren't everywhere like the gheist are when they are playable. The major issue is a dominating gheist clan with 2 major powerhouses. Usually I would say one should be banned but I would rather see some cards come off of the ban list like UR did with the pussycats. I myself would like to see Zatman, Vickie, Graksmmxt, and Wee Lee come off of the list and replace them with some other cards. I would also like to see the ban list change every other month or so(though I'm sure it would take a lot of work to do this). Truthfully I dont care about a clan or two running a tournament but I think shaking things up every so often forces people to adapt to the changes and reduce the lifespan of a meta-game.

offline gothomguy Hero Organized Konfusion
Thursday 11/09/2008, 11:00

Haha, B-DEBO you are crazy. and I know you are not looking at this thread, but the cards you just said should get un-banned should not...

They are way overpowered and were banned for a reason. Now if you would give me a sample of some other cards, then maybe I will agree, but probably not.

offline Monsterlord Hero  
Thursday 11/09/2008, 14:16

B-debo, what exactly are GHIEST's two "powerhouses"? I'm guessing you mean Leviatonn and either Toro, Rolph or Methane, of which absolutely zero are overpowered.

In Levaitonn's case, he's a just full stop. There's absolutely nothing else he has to help him win. Sure, he puts him and his opponent on even footing with no abilities or bonus, but even footing is a scary place to be for a 6 power card in an enviroment with plenty of 7 or 8 power cards.

As for the other three, yes, they are very solid cards. Nowhere near bannable though. In Rolphs case, he's meant to be powerful, he's 5*s, and that's a huge amount of space to use in a 25* deck. And for Toro, or Methane, they're staples, and you'll be hard pressed to find a GHIEST deck that doesn't use them, but even then, there are more threatening 4*s out there too. Take a look at Marina, or some of the banned ones like Graksmmxt. Even Marina's not banworthy, and she's an effective 9/5 damage reducer against non SoB.

As has been said in threads all over the place now, stop whining about the top clans and do something to change it instead.

offline 69 hoodrich Legend  
Thursday 11/09/2008, 16:17

Im so sick and tired of people trying to say Rolph is meant to be strong if that was the case then why is taneavera banned, because he was considered to be too powerful. He is 5* and he is meant to be powerful.
1. There is no way in the world you can say Levatonn is too powerful and I don't consider him to be. So stop trying to bring him up.
2. This is no longer a game where the base stats of a card are a determining factor on weather is card is played or not. The game is ability dominated and when you consider that, gheist and roots already have the ability restrict your ability.
3. When you combine the fact that Rolph can not only stop ability but also reduce power then he nearly is a taneareva for the gheist.
4. I clearly stated that instead of banning Rolph, Toro, Methane, or Bloodh (to be included), I would rather UR remove cards off of the ban list to make other clan more playable.
5. Don't you ever try to say I'm whining about anything because when Uppers where all over the place I bet you were on the side of banning cards from that clan.

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