offline 0UC_Supa_Fast Titan  
Wednesday 21/05/2008, 21:30

*Prize - GLORG(0xp)
*Ticket Price - 50 Clintz( At least 50 Tickets Sold Minimum)
*Picking - June 1st, 2008
*Only Buy Tickets if you have purchased Credits from Shop*

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Thursday 12/06/2008, 11:05

Cause my other account was blacklisted for haveing an old account

offline UC-lactus Novice  
Thursday 12/06/2008, 14:55

Moneu or lemon can you send me the card?

i want 0 tickets if i can plx

offline 3M Andrei 3x Senior Urban United
Friday 13/06/2008, 06:09


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Clint City, day.