Sunday 31/12/2006, 05:51

Does fairplayness affect each battle in dark corners(except danger room)...its just that many players that got yellow angels things just beside their names...(whatever) always wins against me..anyway i play in danger room for no luck

Thursday 04/01/2007, 09:27

Yes ur right Angelo you loose pts in elo mode for timing out BUT for example i got 1320 value and u got 1350....suddenly u timeouted for purpose coz u were to loose..if im right instead dropping ur value like 1325-1330 u timeout....i bet when u timeout - u loose like 10 pts aprrox...
yes for u also loose pts for timing out consecutively but a wise person would just do it once...i say for every timeout should be -50 pts....(also for ur xp)

* remember i respect you more than any elo players coz ur one of my hardest oppoents....i cant win against u,,,,,i tried and i failed...anyway bought credits so i can experiment good decks and strategies

Thursday 04/01/2007, 14:27

No prob, angeloevo, just helping out and discussing with a fellow player.... smiley

Ok here's a question....what affects the amount of clintz we get after a battle? I mean, during regular play I noticed we get more, say 15-20 but when evo, it's much lesser. Just curious....


Thursday 04/01/2007, 14:58

In evo its much more depending on what level your card is say you have a level 5 card thats at level 4 and you win against a lvl 2 card you get less points so that varies today i play an evo match and got 87 battle pointssmileyand during tourny the value you score at evo is much lesssmiley

Thursday 04/01/2007, 16:44

Again a timeout....dang hes too very fair play and its a timeout(im not mentioning his name here click my profile)...i think he should get 5% to get an orange face

Friday 05/01/2007, 00:36

87???? How the heck you managed to get that much?smiley

Friday 05/01/2007, 05:40

Well jericho its simple 3 of my cards evolved to the next level at the same time smiley

Friday 05/01/2007, 14:45

I had 3 of my cards evolved to the next level at the same time once, but didn't notice it then.


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