offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Sunday 31/12/2006, 05:56

Copper maxed
chloe maxed
bodenpower maxed
vermyn n maxed
fifty maxed
thats just for today make an offer

offline Darmontis Master Team Singapore
Sunday 31/12/2006, 10:32

Could you private message me the prices for all you cards you have on offer?

offline ECL-Gearheart Guru  
Sunday 31/12/2006, 22:32

How much for Copper or Chloe

offline Obey Giant Imperator  
Tuesday 02/01/2007, 06:09

How much you willing to drop off Copper?

offline DANYez Imperator  
Tuesday 02/01/2007, 09:43

How much for vermyn n??? or what you want to trade

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Tuesday 02/01/2007, 20:10

Check market prices...then u just take off like 25% discountsmiley
ill be checking it also
remember all are maxed

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Wednesday 03/01/2007, 19:25

Hey fafa sven still got an extra zatman?
pm me your cheapest chole price, cool! smileysmiley

offline -Netox- Hero Bahia Gun Guild
Thursday 04/01/2007, 02:17

Buy copper(jgato)

offline -Netox- Hero Bahia Gun Guild
Thursday 04/01/2007, 02:20

Buy chole(jgato)

offline olivergwatts Hero da clint city kings
Thursday 04/01/2007, 08:26

Ill buy copper off u pm me for the price ill add on 500 cose its maxed

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