What do you think?

Sunday 31/12/2006, 21:00

I'm starting to save up for an expensive person but I can't decide. I was thinking of either Erika, Nina, Vladimir, Perle, Estalt, Ielena, Chloe or any of the leaders. What do you guys think? I haven't been here long so I don't really know which people are the best smiley smiley . So please let me know.

Friday 12/01/2007, 18:52

Ieilena is turning me on smileysmileysmileysmiley

Saturday 13/01/2007, 00:03

Ah dhut it mansmiley

Saturday 13/01/2007, 01:50

Lol in Nightmare i have Mojo, Melluzine, and Candy Jack. And i for GHEIST i bought Vryer, Nina, Gheistling and Morlha. I totally would buy Vladimir he totally is a monster lol smileysmileysmiley

Monday 15/01/2007, 08:26

Well ok you see the Nightmare clan is not that strong i didnt use them yet but do you have any other clans ?sorry for the confusionsmiley

Sunday 21/01/2007, 23:59

I have some GHEIST and two from La Junta and two from Ulu Watu but that's pretty much it for people in the same clans

Monday 22/01/2007, 08:41

Ok first play the daily tournys to build up some clintz cause you need better cards try and get some more La Junta and Ulu Watu's they work well together...trust me you will never survive if you use more than 2 clans...The ELO players will destroy you

good games always

Saturday 10/02/2007, 15:51

Ok thanks smiley


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