offline Jolly Roger Titan De asskickers
Wednesday 03/01/2007, 05:25

Hi im selling my Gertrud maxed for only 15000 clintz => thats the cheapest price atm.

Much cheaper than the 20000 prices for other maxed gertruds.

offline KV Celdin Titan KINGS OF VALACHIA
Wednesday 03/01/2007, 12:24

Its low compared to the market prices but still high compared to the average price gertrud sells for smiley i wouldnt go that far in saying "very low price" smiley

offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Wednesday 03/01/2007, 13:24

I still can't afford that....smileysmiley

offline Jolly Roger Titan De asskickers
Friday 05/01/2007, 01:26

Already sold (and put back on the marked for more than 20K).......damn i should asked a higher price.

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