offline TNT_chris Imperator  
Sunday 01/06/2008, 20:54

Ok I have a few spare Ambre s so I decided to do a lottery for them.

Nice and simple rules

500 clintz per ticket, numbers will be allocated according to people's posts who say "I am In"

For every 15 people who join I will draw a random number who will win an Ambre.

After I receive 15 people I will sell them a card for 50 and they will sell it back to me for 550, then I will draw the random number and sell the winner an Ambre for 50 clintz.

I will continue this until all my Ambre s are gone

offline slick_back Senior  
Saturday 07/06/2008, 00:45

I'm in

offline Boysavage Colossus ELITE NATION
Saturday 07/06/2008, 11:33

Can i have number 6 plz

offline TNT_chris Imperator  
Saturday 07/06/2008, 22:10

Current list of participants:

Pein EVO

Thats a total of 8 people, need another 7 in the next two days

offline TNT_KoRn Titan TRiNiTY
Monday 09/06/2008, 01:07

Join peoplesmiley


offline TNT_chris Imperator  
Monday 09/06/2008, 21:24

OK Admins Please close this thread there is obviously not enough interest in winning an Ambre for 500 clintz

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