offline allochtoon Master  
Saturday 06/01/2007, 17:48

Look at my characters..
if you like some of those...
tell me the names..
the prices...
and i will confirm or disagree...
don't ask me for prices..
look at the market price of the specified character..
and make a nice deal..
or else we can't do bussines...

here ar the cards:

rare: Morphun , Dragan

uncommen: Alexei , Laetitia , Akiko , Crystal , Ombre ,
Charlie , Wanda , Reine , Zdrone , Tanaereva

commen: Katsuhkay , Lost Hog , Nobrocybix , Leo , Winifred ,
Mort Bax , Simon , Beltran , Narendra , Mo DiFalco

offline shinakuma-EVO Senior  
Sunday 07/01/2007, 18:18

Sorry 4k for dragan

offline shinakuma-EVO Senior  
Sunday 07/01/2007, 18:47

Dont worry just got one

offline allochtoon Master  
Monday 08/01/2007, 09:52

0-NAN EVO : Sorry man...can't do it..
it's maxed out...
and look at the market price..
way more then you offered..
but i appreciate your interrest smiley

offline PS LILADI Novice  
Monday 08/01/2007, 20:09

I am buy charli and lost hang how mach?

offline allochtoon Master  
Tuesday 09/01/2007, 18:20

LILADI: Charlie is maxed out sow you can have it for 7500
Lost Hog is also maxed out...sow you can have that one for 3000

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