offline RKSicaa Master  
Thursday 05/06/2008, 08:14

1 ticket=300 clintz
3rd: Kawan
4th: Morlha and Yusuke
15 tickets minimum after I get 15 participants you sell me a card for 50 I sell to you for 350
I will use a random number generator
Drawing will be June 14
There will only be 15 tickets, one ticket per person
The first 15 people to say I'm in will be in the lottery

Join now!

offline mage chocobo Senior  
Thursday 12/06/2008, 00:32

Is this still goin?

offline RKSicaa Master  
Friday 13/06/2008, 11:08

If nobody joins I'll draw it without anyone else buying the 3 tickets is that okay

offline RemixV Guru TRiNiTY
Saturday 14/06/2008, 02:54

Hey Id like to join but I cant sell. You mind selling me a bad card and Ill pay for it?

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Saturday 14/06/2008, 03:11

for the lottery holder..please return all the clintz to the participants involved..

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