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Thursday 12/06/2008, 20:08

I am holding a very large lottery with a lot of prizes. All 17 clans are being given out as prizes. Each prize contains all cards in the clan (except crs), and all cards will come already maxxed.

1 Ticket = 2,000 clintz
5 Tickets = 8,500 clintz (1700/ticket)
10 Tickets = 15,000 clintz (1500/ticket)
Each player is allowed to buy a maximum of 30 tickets.

This lottery will remain open until I sell 500 tickets. Send me a card for 50 clintz, and I will send it back for the ticket price + 50 clintz. If you cannot sell, I will sell you a card for ticket price + market value. Numbers will be drawn by an admin or mod once all 500 tickets have been bought. I have asked Force Majeure, but am still waiting on a reply. I will find another mod/admin if I need to.

Prizes and current values
1st: Allstars (27k)
2nd: Bangers (40k)
3rd: Fang Pi Clang (19k)
4th: Freaks (18k)
5th: GHEIST (35k)
6th: Junks (21k)
7th: La Junta (37k)
8th: Montana (43k)
9th: Nightmare (50k)
10th: Piranas (41k)
11th: Pussycats (31k)
12th: Rescue (35k)
13th: Roots (20k)
14th: Sakrohm (19k)
15th: Sentinel (32k)
16th: Ulu Watu (51k)
17th: Uppers (29k)

Total Current value ~ 550k
This will likely increase as I will be including all new cards that come out before the drawing is held.

If your ticket numbers are choosen for more than 2 prizes, you will only be allowed to choose 2 of the clans you have won. Numbers will be then be redrawn for any remaining clans.

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Friday 13/06/2008, 01:50

You said: "The point of lotteries should be that the player running it is still capable of making at least a small profit, while allowing the players entering the lottery to buy in for a decent price, and have good odds at winning. That being said, I will assume everyone buys in increments of 10 (worst case scenario for me) = 750k, potential 160k profit (considering the 5% tax on sales)Any new cards that come out will also be included in the prizes, and will still be somewhat expensive at that time."

first of will not be making a small profit'll net a lot of clintz on this..hundreds of thousands of clintz at least..but a very very big one..and, you require that 500 tickets be sold for this to start..that's a whole lot of tickets..and you'll find few people willing to part with their clintz..either way, this will be a win-win situation for you if you get those 500 tickets to be sold which is not good because it's like getting a load of clintz from people for free by just holding a lottery..

offline Diggy928 Legend Time Conquers All
Friday 13/06/2008, 05:26

As I seem to have caused alot of controversy with this lottery, this thread will now be used only to answer any questions or concerns anyone may have. I will create a new thread with an updated version of this lottery if we can reach an agreement.

750k-5% tax for market sales(37.5k)-prize value(550k)-Bonus#(90k)=72.5k (before any new cards that come out)
Selling all tickets at 1500 could still leave me with little or no profit after buying any new cards that come out.

1000k-5% tax for market sales(50k)-prize value(550k)-Bonus#(90k)=310k
This is a good sized profit, but buying newly released cards off of the market can also be somewhat expensive. I would still be making much less than 300k. This will still be alot, but so are the value of the prizes.

I feel that to have this lottery, the 500 tickets, and 15k/10 tickets would have to stay the same to make sure that I actually do make a profit. I would be willing to lower the prices for 5 and 1 tickets to lower the potential profit I could make. I would also consider buying Vholt and including him in the Bonus# if my profits did exceed 200k (you would have to trust me on this, I am not trying to rip anybody off), or getting rid of the bonus#, and including the 9 (10?) leaders as a regular 18th prize.

offline Diggy928 Legend Time Conquers All
Friday 13/06/2008, 05:50

@-THE DOCTOR-: 30 tickets is the most you can buy, not what you have to buy. You are also able to win 2 clans. Even winning only either Nightmare or Ulu Watu would still give you a profit if you buy 30 tickets.

@0-Purist: New card values will decrease over time, but if you keep them, that value will also increase some after they leave the New blood packs. My first post also indicated that the prizes include all of the cards from each clan, except for the crs.

@Ryuk and @Ninja-zero: yes, there is a .2% chance of winning a specific prize/ticket (6% for 30 tickets), but the number of prizes helps make up for this. .2%*17= 3.4% of winning something/ticket (6*17=102% for 30 tickets). You obviously can't have more than 100% chance, but looking at it another way 500 tickets/17 prizes = 1 prize for every 29.4 tickets sold, which seems like pretty good chance if you buy all 30.

@EA BlckDragon: drawing would be held after 500 tickets are sold can be somewhat vague concerning timeline, but I would hold off on selling any tickets until I start to get a good interest and commitment for tickets (maybe 100-200) to make sure that players are interested in playing.

@Soliuz: Each player is allowed to buy up to 30 tickets, so I would not need 500 players to join. Only a minimum of 17 players if they all buy 30 tickets.

offline mage chocobo Senior  
Friday 13/06/2008, 06:01

Yeah bro 50k profit is super enough for this big lottery

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