offline husky1 Novice  
Sunday 15/06/2008, 07:57

I read the locked thread there was no real reason what abuse. and if this is the case why cant the mods or admins hold some lottetries instead of completly getting rid of it.

offline eidnom Veteran  
Sunday 15/06/2008, 13:48

Its because of the conspiracy in shamegod_LOA's tourney

offline D0UBL3D Master  
Sunday 15/06/2008, 13:49

Dont have to check all the participants, just the holder( about prize, money, and if he/she makes some suspicious->ban and if he/she have multi-acc-> ip ban)

offline -Cypher- Imperator Open Casket
Sunday 15/06/2008, 14:32

I think some people might be missing the point. I assume that some players could pull off these scams whilst totally avoiding suspicion, which would make it impossible for the admins and moderators to uncover foulplay. I'm sure the mods and admins are already busy enough trying their best to stop unavoidable scams, so why stretch themselves on something that can be easily avoided by placing a total ban. In other words the result of this ban will be that scams elsewhere in the game can be moderated with more scrutiny instead of valuable resources being wasted on mass investigations, which IMHO will make Clint city a safer place for us allsmiley.

offline Force Majeure Imperator Open Casket
Sunday 15/06/2008, 14:45

@ pointing of fingers I said it and will say's about Massive Abuse..

@ 0UC_DoubleD..oh we do have to check everyone..this is not always an issue about multis..the lottery holder can rig the lottery with the help of a friend (not same IP)..or a dead account lying somewhere here in UR that he happens to find using the "search" button..and for suspicions..that cannot be's common for people to hold suspicions about things..and with all the lotteries happening, it will take too much time and effort just to check these things..and that's only for a single lottery..if there were more lotteries, it will take ages..some lotteries will be still on-going while new ones are already popping up like mushrooms, it will be endless..and in the end, scams and cheating will still happen and we end up dealing with it.. -this is not a debate about re-opening lotteries..public lotteries were banned for plenty of reasons..and one reason among those is to protect you from scams, cheats, and people who like to take advantage of other people..I think that alone is a good enough reason to keep lotteries closed..

@ Cypher666..yes..indeed..I'd have to agree with that..

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