offline mariaminette Guru  
Friday 20/06/2008, 08:33

Unable to resist the lure of Clint City any longer, six new Piranas hit the city’s streets today. Dhalia, Aktara, Deadeye, Tyd, Andsom and Trey join the other crew members who are already quite at home in their new abode. Who will stand up to the pirates?
Get these characters in the shop’s Danger and New Blood packs

offline M3RCY HAVE IT Titan  
Wednesday 02/07/2008, 21:26

Maybe Captain Bloodhs ability will be support: pillz +1, you never knowsmiley

offline LawLessChaoz Master  
Wednesday 02/07/2008, 21:44

Captiain Bloodh might be 4 Star, 4/8 Ability "Piranas: +1 Power", Rare.

offline LawLessChaoz Master  
Thursday 03/07/2008, 02:13

The Banner was removed.

offline googly Senior  
Thursday 03/07/2008, 15:26

Piranas, better abilitys then any other cards in other clans.
way over powered.
please don't make a over powered clan! smiley

offline Gilgamesh_kh Titan  
Thursday 03/07/2008, 23:44

Piranas arent over power and there abilitys arent really that good
it makes it easy to guess how mony pill the other person going top use
deffernt but not over powerd

offline {TnF}Fujiwe Senior Gilden sind nicht so mein Ding
Friday 04/07/2008, 01:34

@ googly
Yeah right, they are so overpowerd that they arent even on the list of the 3 best clans in ELO. They are so dangerous that they need an extra list.

By the way...they have the same Clan-Bonus as Nightmares...but i feel Nightmares are still the stronger clan...he they have Dieter and Glorg and every SOA kills an Piranas.

Go on with the good work of the Piranas. They arent too weak and too strong

offline Get two shot Senior  
Friday 04/07/2008, 03:47

I think overall this game has done a wonderful job of making sure none of the clans are overpowered, good job and keep it up smiley

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