ELO DECK help please!

Sunday 21/01/2007, 21:55

I haven't played much elo..so I was hoping someone could gimme a few suggestions?? I have all the cards except for Joao, Bryan, Kati and Endo..please help

Monday 22/01/2007, 15:58

I'm sorry, all my cards are fully evolved..i prefer to play with maxxed out cards...any advice on a Ulu Watu/GHEIST Deck ? Or a Ghesti/Montanas deck?

Monday 22/01/2007, 16:11

Hey, what about Pussycats and Ulu Watu? Any good suggestions there?

Monday 22/01/2007, 16:35

Well u can try all sorts of combos and which 1 u like best use it smileysmileysmiley

Monday 22/01/2007, 16:52

I've been trying but can't seem to get the stars to fit into 25..not that i'm bad at maths, but i just can't figure out a good combo..killing shadow if you Don wanna help just say so dude.no offense


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