Wednesday 24/01/2007, 22:02


As you may have noticed, we added a live tracker during tournament to inform you about:
- your current position, and average pts per battle during the tournament
- the player before you and the current Leader.

We hope that you'll enjoy this new feature!

Saturday 27/01/2007, 23:13

Yup, happened to me too. I wish there was a All talk Forum, topics non related to Urban - for international communication - information sharing too ^__smiley__smiley__^

Sunday 28/01/2007, 00:58

Yaw ne guzel oyun keske herkez TÜRK olsasmileysmiley

Sunday 28/01/2007, 06:51

I wish u could also track ppl who is multiple logging in and making organized plays smiley

Sunday 28/01/2007, 10:46

I knew it, haha! smileysmileysmiley

Sunday 28/01/2007, 23:23

Who can tell me why my position in the Daily tournaments history changes after the tournament ! ... !?!??! First it tells me I finished 3rd then when the msg arrived I was 4th !?!?!? All this after the tournament has finished.

One time it happent to "tell" me that I have won the tournament but in the list I was second and received the second place prize! the guy how was in front of me had the same number of points !!!?!?

It's confusing and it makes me not want to play any more !

Another thing in the last 10 - 15 minutes of any tournament I cannot do anything ! The game simply lags it takes 2 minutes to refresh the list and if i play ~2 minutes to play a card and it's not my connection.

Tuesday 30/01/2007, 01:20

True, same here... somehow became slower tho.. i think.. smiley

Thursday 01/02/2007, 03:33

Is there a way to disable the live tracker? i'm not sure if its making my connection during tournaments slower... im in an office so its a good internet connection..

Thursday 01/02/2007, 19:54


The tracker cannot be disabled and only poll it's informations once per minute.
I'm happy to report that we are going to add a new server very soon that will definitly improve the speed of the site during heavy tournaments.
As for the question from Atryx: tournaments display on the history page is "cached" (to avoid heavy databases requests) so it's results are not -live- (a few minutes delay). And order on the page can be slightly different as "final" order sent by Kate after the tournament for "tie" scores, the ending order criteria is that the first to have score during the tournament will be prioritized. We'll fix the display as soon as possible smiley

Friday 02/02/2007, 03:47

Tnx, finally another server, lol! smiley

Friday 02/02/2007, 08:38

"the ending order criteria is that the first to have score during the tournament will be prioritized." - this is pretty vague

I think you should include a NOTE about this in the RULES !!!


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