offline allochtoon Master  
Thursday 25/01/2007, 15:37

I got some cards that are all MAXED OUT...
i'll put the names..
if you are interested in some of mine..
tell me the name..AND THE PRICE TOO...
maybe we can get to do bussines...capichesmiley

Akiko (U)
Alexei (U)
Aurelia (C)
Beltran (C)
Charlie (U)
Crystal (U)
Dragan (R)
Katsuhkay (C)
Laetitia (U)
Leo (C)
Lost Hog (C)
Mo Difalco (C)
Morphun (R)
Mort Bax (C)
Narendra (C)
Nobrocybix (C)
Ombre (U)
Reine (U)
Simon (C)
Tanaereva (U)
Wanda (U)
Wardog (C)
Winifred (C)
Zdrone (U)

offline 6C-DjRayzaEVO Imperator  
Tuesday 30/01/2007, 16:47 smiley

offline allochtoon Master  
Tuesday 30/01/2007, 18:19

I got 9 now nigga smileysmileysmiley
i'm goin to try to get al de soleil cards...
only to go is Dragan ... (wich i just sold smileysmiley)
A Award ...and two others... don't know the names

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