offline ravvel Hero  
Friday 04/07/2008, 09:33

This week, the Piranas intend to hit hard to ensure a top position for themselves in the city’s hierarchy. And to carry out this final attack on the other clans, the fearsome Captain Bloodh is accompanied by Sting, Wheeler, Goldie, Cyan and Gran Vista. However, after recovering from their initial shock, the resistance is starting to get organized…

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offline Jared9473 Guru Philippine Legionnaires Guild
Thursday 17/07/2008, 00:32

What about junkz, maybe they will get a new card, im hoping for either rescue or pusscats though, maybe even sakrohm and i like your idea kyotoz............

offline DPSlazton08 Titan  
Thursday 17/07/2008, 11:40

Junkz got Riowdy and Lolly in the previous cycles. Look to get an idea which clan is due (or there abouts) go to the New Blood Pack, leave your mouse on it and which ever clans are not still there, well, those should be the clans.

Pussycats, Ulu Watu, Fang Pi Clang, Nightmare, and Sakrohm are the Clans that need loving. If I recall right, it was Ulu Watu and Fang Pi Clang together, then it was Sakrohm and Nightmare and I can't recall who which clan released new conscripts alongside the Pussycats. However, I reckon it will be any of those clans and that is tomorrow.

offline Jared9473 Guru Philippine Legionnaires Guild
Thursday 17/07/2008, 14:57

Ok, i knew that i just put what i want to happen not what i think will happen if i had to guess i would think that it would be the pussycats or Ulu Watu

offline DollarGeneral Hero  
Thursday 17/07/2008, 15:36

I dont think we'll have a leader that stops leader bonus for 4 situations a deck would fall into
1) you get that leader and no other leader making it useless
2)you get that and another leader you might as well just have one leader in this situation
3)you get that leader and two other leaders cancelling the fourth cards bonus which would either strengthen or weaken the card dependin which would make it either too strong or too weak (ie easily abusible if played right like 2 amberes card and robb)
4) you get all leaders (which would usually only happen w/ a leder full deck or something similar) which is way too abusable

pretty much chances of them comin out with a leader with stop leader bonus slim to none

offline DollarGeneral Hero  
Thursday 17/07/2008, 15:37

Oops misunderstood your post kyotozennousha sorry

offline Knightmarre Guru - RaW Talent -
Thursday 17/07/2008, 15:56

I dont like Kyotozennousha,s idea. the leader will end up activating its own bonussmiley but then since the ability is canceled the bonus wont activate so the ability will work again but then it will stop workin for activatin its own bonus and so on and so on lol

offline apricotsoup Titan The U-P-R-I-S-I-N-G
Thursday 17/07/2008, 21:19

Well the roots jumped in a little early (likely due to the unbanning of pussycats cards). In pairs the order should be (roughly, I'm probably wrong in some places but I remember the twin clan banners well enough). Btw it's easy enough to check when cards were released on

In order of what should be released next (though with 6 cards per release it's likely to be 3 clans (though I still hope for 6 different clans :3 ).

Nightmare/Fang Pi Clang
Ulu Watu/Junkz
Rescue/All Stars
La Junta/Roots

offline Kyotozennousha Guru  
Friday 18/07/2008, 04:20

@ Nightmare_CCK......that was confusing lol, I see where you mean, but I think if they made a leader like that they'd be smart enough to exclude activating it's own bonus unless it had two leaders and whatnot. Personally I'd just like the card, dunno if anyone else would. *Calls copyrights on it* lol, j/k

offline Knightmarre Guru - RaW Talent -
Friday 18/07/2008, 10:37

I was joking

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