Friday 02/02/2007, 07:28

Here is the first round
kv nivroth vs drew
kv Raven vs gusbert
jericho vs isahia
finga vs allochtoon
kv jagas vs supremo
ravnica vs racso
kv karkus vs kv braker
o-jp vs kv saaa
The ones who wins 3 times are going to the next round, and all the cards that i receive as fee will be distribute as pricemoney
for the first 3 ( plus 6000, 3000 , 2000)

Friday 02/02/2007, 07:44

When do we give you the deck list? what are the restriction in the decks? No doubles? No jackie? whats the limitations in the deck other than 28 stars?

Friday 02/02/2007, 07:52

Good luck my brothers smiley , even for braker smiley

Friday 02/02/2007, 08:07

Dude when do we play?

Friday 02/02/2007, 08:12

I repeat the rules : no collectors, maximum 28 other limitation... and send me you deck as soon as you know which one you'll use..
you can change deck during a game, but then again you list and send it to me if your rival doesnt trust you (or viceversa)and the results post them here ( if possible with a comment on the fight , that's nicer)

Friday 02/02/2007, 08:14

You can start whenever you're ready , but please finish your first fight by wednesday.. (if you have problems we can postpone a little)

Friday 02/02/2007, 08:15

And you can send à private msg to your rival to make an appointment..

Friday 02/02/2007, 09:00

Just clear up 1 thing for me Angelo is it best out of 3 or must you win 3 solid fights?

Friday 02/02/2007, 09:44

I think no doubles as well. I think I read that in the other post. And I got Isaiah??? Crumbs! Of all the players....

1. No doubles.
2. 28 Stars.
3. No Cr.

Good luck to all! Most of all, have a good time.

Pssst, anyone can suggest a good deck? LOL

Friday 02/02/2007, 09:58

You must win 3 fights, so best out of 5 smiley


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