offline Waffle God Guru  
Wednesday 16/07/2008, 13:46

As you may or may not know i hold anual clan battles between mine and others regardless of what lvl they might be. my clan has 27 members this time and we are itching for a fight. I randomly pick 1 post and choose that c;lanm to fight. there is no entry fee and the winning prize for the 1st place clan will recieve 1-30k each (depending on how many ppl)

To be elegible to enter alls you have to do is come up with a clan(urban rivals clan ex. roots), the clans bonus, and the biography of that clan.

offline 00 SilverWind Hero  
Wednesday 30/07/2008, 00:19

How do enter

offline Crap Face Senior THE RANDOMS
Wednesday 30/07/2008, 21:29

Clan: Killer king cobras
Bonus: Courage: -5 damage min 3
Bio: After seeing animals fighting their dues in the wars of clint city the king Kobras decide to take a stand uniting all animals in clint city to side as one. Also allying with the ulu watu and roots the Kobras are hoping to make a big impact!

Leader: King Kobra smiley
Level 1: 2/3
Level 2: 4/3
Level 3: 5/5 Ability: -3 oppenent power, min 2
Level 4: 7/6

lvl 1: Cobra with peace sign.
lvl 2: Cobra with crown on head holding peace sign on baseball bat.
lvl 3: Same cobra with roots sign on.
lvl 4: Same cobra with roots sign and ulu watu sign on it.

offline kaneholt_nwnf Guru URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 27/09/2008, 19:52

Im in

offline FireLizSword Titan  
Sunday 28/09/2008, 00:23

I'm confused is this something an individual event? or is it a guild event?

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