offline pumpkin Guru  
Friday 18/07/2008, 09:00

After having let the wave of pirates pass, the other Clint City clans are now back on the offensive determined to show the new arrivals that they’d better not make too many waves. This week, while the Bangers welcome Klunw and Gyro to their ranks, the Sakrohm are joined by Murray and Wakai and the Nightmare can now rely on the reinforcements of Eadh and Azel.
Get all these characters in the shop’s New Blood, Danger and Cool Attitude Packs.

offline LavHoup Novice Megamaster M Guild
Friday 01/08/2008, 08:08

Yes they do
im for All Stars Uppers and Fang Pi Clang (I dont use any of them but they need a little boost ... when was the last time you saw them in elo ..)

offline Jigz0r Hero  
Friday 01/08/2008, 08:13

Yeah they should do, give it time though
i think fang pi pussycats and uppers

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