offline Franksie Hero  
Sunday 20/07/2008, 15:13

Hey guys, I just started today and want to improve my deck, but I cant seem the get the cash together to get better cards. Even when I win a battle I only recieve 5 or so Clintz. Can someone tell me what Im doing wrong and how to make more moolah? smiley Cheers

offline gizmo_ult Master  
Monday 21/07/2008, 02:32


offline AJ_Impy Master  
Monday 21/07/2008, 03:12

The top third get the credit.

offline slick_back Senior  
Monday 21/07/2008, 03:26

Top third in dailies get you a credit...get over 1000 in ELO an you get 2 at the end of the week

offline Unknown Sinow Hero  
Monday 21/07/2008, 03:34

1/3 of the total players

offline Zombie_Rules Senior  
Monday 21/07/2008, 03:49

This helped i was really having a problem with cllecting clintz!

offline 10_Ultra Master  
Wednesday 10/04/2013, 21:29

Please give me 10,000,000 clintz

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