offline Mac_Leod Colossus Cocounts Island
Monday 21/07/2008, 16:39

Even during the holiday period, the team is hard at work coming up with new ideas to improve your gaming experience.

Today we are delighted to be able to announce a whole range of changes and updates that we hope you'll enjoy.

Firstly the Survivor mode has finally passed its test period. We've reviewed and increased the Clintz rewards you can win and we’ve added credits for the best players of the day, week, month and Deck format. You can therefore put together series in all the available Deck formats to try and increase your winnings.

We’ve also used this opportunity to increase the prizes awarded in the ELO tournaments: not only for those players who have high scores but cannot get into the top 25, but for everyone else too.

We’ve also decided to apply the challenging rules in Survivor mode to all the other competition modes (daily tournaments, ELO, etc.): visibility and Quick Battle are obligatory, refusals are forbidden.

Another much awaited change is that we've completely updated the ranking system: your rank is now directly linked to the percentage of the collection you own (no more respect points) and we’ve added 4 new grades (Veteran, Hero, Legend and Divinity).

offline LeeMitLeZ Master  
Tuesday 29/07/2008, 13:22

It doesnt make sense, why did you make the tournaments on random option? even if it is alternate it doenst make sense... to be honest, to make random rooms isnt good, what are the pills for? the -opp atk or even +att. i lose sometimes even when my cards atk is 2x more powerful. maybe for others it doenst really matter coz it will only happen sometimes, but it really distracts me and i loose my concentration especially when i lose the match because of that. i hope that you can make consideration to other players who plays this great game with a little more skill with less luck.

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Tuesday 29/07/2008, 14:51

Speedstar: having a part of random or no random is just different. Neither is stupid or "worthless". We understand some like with random, some without. We now alternate to please everybody. And no, you cannot lose if you attack is x2, you must be doing the math wrong.
Subject close now, we wont accept rants about random/no random anymore.

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