offline Cheunger Titan  
Thursday 15/02/2007, 18:31

Has anyone tried to come up with a nightmare gheist deck for elo?
I'm personally not smart enough (and too lazy) to think up a deck.. but what if there was an elo deck designed to shut down bonusses and abilities? just a thought.
Happy trails,

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Sunday 18/02/2007, 20:31

I concur, the best offense is defense. Selsya is a great 2 star card. XU52 & Methane are your offensive backup while Kenny will have a field day with Fury. XU52 is indeed an expensive card; and he is similar to our ever popular Lamar. Methane on the other hand as a card its self can be humbled to a 7/7 Stop Ability, he is also similar to our ever favorite soccer dude Striker. Vryer on the other hand is just a Keanew wannabe but can defeat both Gabrielle and a Flo if used properly. He may be removed for Meyen, similar to our Lewis. So i must say that All Stars is also a good combination. Hope the deck brings you GGs! smiley

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