offline 0 Raz0rBlade Guru  
Monday 19/02/2007, 10:12

Nightmare:Life Gain

Leadersmileyuh timber a better fit?

All Starssmileyistractions

1=Very Bad 10=Very Good

= = AOD 4 LYF3 = =

offline Obey Giant Imperator  
Wednesday 21/02/2007, 05:52

Lol 1 move wow i dont think thats possible smiley the 1 hit KO's are so last season

gg always

offline xfactorx Senior  
Wednesday 21/02/2007, 08:08

For leader,the bonus is Cancel Leader.. what do Cancel Leader do?

offline Serene Hero µ The Waiting Bar µ
Wednesday 21/02/2007, 08:18

Just get 3 Lamar 3 Eyrton 1 Striker 1 Timber
Or 4 Lost Hog 4 Kinjo

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Wednesday 21/02/2007, 23:56

I like the deck, but i would still prefer it built with Timber over Hugo then i would replace Nanook for Gaia.
GGs! smiley

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