offline salade bleue Senior  
Wednesday 21/02/2007, 10:45

From now on, I will be using the suffix (HAN) when I play in Lost Warehouse. Onfire came up with this magnificent idea.
In this way, I want to show that I will always play to get more exp for both players by letting the weakest character win.
In case of a star-eq aequo, I will use no pillz, and I suggest my opponent does the same, so the random factor will have free play for that one.

If you want to win vast amounts of exp AND be recognizable to other players, just use the suffix.
I hope this works and I didn't overlook a similar proposition in the forum...


offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Wednesday 21/02/2007, 23:48

(HAN) looks catchy, smiley
I'll try it when I start to EVO again.

GGs! smiley

offline DanTheTimid Titan  
Friday 23/02/2007, 23:08

Well see how long if at all it takes to catch on but I've added it to my name.

offline Bendy(HAN)EVO Veteran  
Saturday 24/02/2007, 02:07

I've also added it to mine

offline siddhant Senior Missdarkness Guild
Saturday 24/02/2007, 07:03

How do u do the suffix mode????

offline salade bleue Senior  
Saturday 24/02/2007, 11:56

Just add HAN to your name to show you play Lost Warehouse Mode.
It seems like cellular phone players can't see the brackets, so it's better to skip them.

offline WCF_Lemenya Veteran  
Wednesday 28/02/2007, 00:39

Siddhant to add the suffix just go to your profile page and click on your name... this will alow u to change ur name...
but don't forget that this is your new login....

offline Ivetta_JH Legend Охота на Бармаглота
Tuesday 06/03/2007, 23:37

Many people don't know what HAN is, maybe they don't read Message Board, And even more many people don't know rules for lost warehouse! It's annoyng EVO player who tries to block your 4 star with 2 star full Evoluted and who boosts 4 star...
Maybe it will be great to note about HAN in Master's Tips

offline DerMagus Legend Tequila Sunrise- UR
Wednesday 07/03/2007, 18:22

I am getting more an more depressed about this, too. Playing lke EVO? Not really ingenious but I can at least live with that. People who don't know? Well, I started to direct them to this forum and some were really appreciative. That's okay then. But I also heard "Just play like normal and it works." This blatant ignorance... I don't know how to comment on. What I am wishing for, as a new feature, would be a kind of personal ban list, i.e. you being able to add any nick to a list of people that cannot challenge you any more. Would quickly deal with such people who thing their strategy of using all level 5 against your 4 unleveled ones and spending 3 pills on each "obviously works". *sigh*

Maybe ban list is a way to deal with people who doesn't want to evolve in warehouses but to disturb other, but it wont help dealing with EVO players, since very few understand even principies of EVO (I always hear 6-0-6-0 they just know the sequence not wayplay) the same 'bout HAN.
Quite interesting fact: people who play in HAN way play, play like old EVO style giving first char without boost smiley
There must be a way to put info 'bout HAN in master Tips or a least to the top of Message Board permanently smiley
It's OK many don't even know Warehouse rules

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