offline salade bleue Senior  
Wednesday 21/02/2007, 10:45

From now on, I will be using the suffix (HAN) when I play in Lost Warehouse. Onfire came up with this magnificent idea.
In this way, I want to show that I will always play to get more exp for both players by letting the weakest character win.
In case of a star-eq aequo, I will use no pillz, and I suggest my opponent does the same, so the random factor will have free play for that one.

If you want to win vast amounts of exp AND be recognizable to other players, just use the suffix.
I hope this works and I didn't overlook a similar proposition in the forum...


offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Saturday 24/03/2007, 23:31

Nevermind, i found out you get exactly the same amount

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 24/03/2007, 23:39

Creep - Realistically, while there are people who don't know, when I send out warnings, telling them (especially if they're using the tags) they aren't doing what they're supposed to, and I see the continued behavior (I even had one try to argue that he was EVOing with me when he was repeatedly KOing on purpose on the 3rd round) at that point I'll drop short blacklists (usually a day).

Yeah there are cases where the randomizer will get a burr up it's butt and go completely against you in a match, or where someone just won't be paying attention and will KO you. I'm talking about repeated, clearly malicious behavior. Like one case I had where a guy would repeatedly end up with 3 maxed out characters. And would purposely go for KOs in round 3 by putting all his remaining pills on a character doing large amounts of damage (usually Vermyn N). (He did this multiple times to me and when I confronted him denied doing anything that wasn't EVOing)

offline StormWhisper Titan Wise Men Distracted
Saturday 24/03/2007, 23:44

When I say "being a jerk" this is the level of behavior I mean. Psuedo EVOs/HANs, who are purposely and repeatedly (and you can tell the difference after a a few matches with someone if they're performing a repeating pattern) trying to grief other players.

I don't want my mailbox fiilled up with nitpicky little "Person X KOed me in round 3" any more than you think I should be nailing people for it. Which I wouldn't be anyway. I'm refering to actual griefing. When you're seeing one player following patterns. If you're having to privately blacklist them it's probably an indication there's something I should be looking into. Because just because you as a private player refuse to play this person for breaking rules (especially if they're masquerading as your particular mode of play) doesn't mean they won't do it to someone else.


offline PlanchaEVO Titan  
Sunday 25/03/2007, 09:13

I think a good option is make a deck of only 1 and 2 stars and fight decks of only 3 or 4 stars. something like han down vs han up. this way exp would be the best for all.

offline Vesuvan Legend  
Sunday 25/03/2007, 11:53

I gotta say I love it its way more strategic and intresting then playing as evo smiley

offline salade bleue Senior  
Sunday 25/03/2007, 15:55

DerMagus, of course you can put paxed-out characters in your dack, to help your opponent get even more exp. That's very kind!
Maybe this no-maxed-out-guideline is indeed better interpreted as a hint to get as much exp as possible for yourself smiley

Good games anytime!

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