Wednesday 21/02/2007, 14:12

1st leg...

A:0-JP NN vs Harvstar
B:0-Silvos vs Wolverine evo
C:Clintydude vs IR-Ravnicaevo
D.KV Braker vs Dead_finga
E:Rogueknight vs KV Celdin
F:Jericho vs KV Raven

post your results here thanks smiley

gg and good luck to all of yousmiley

ps# you may star handing in entry feesmileysmiley

Friday 02/03/2007, 05:50

Supremo you fight the guys in Set B...and the rules changed Jericho due to the little players...its best out of 5 now

gg alwayssmiley

Friday 02/03/2007, 09:46


Friday 02/03/2007, 16:24 crushed CBp_FojtikEVO (12-0) - you received : 18 points and 9 clintz narrowly escaped from CBp_FojtikEVO (5-2) - you received : 14 points and 5 clintz narrowly escaped from CBp_FojtikEVO (4-3) - you received : 23 points and 5 clintz

Tough player and I was Lucky that he made a mistake, I had lousy draw in the 3rd game.

Friday 02/03/2007, 16:34

Oops, sorry wrong tournament!!! LOL This is what you get for playing online games when you should be sleeping.smiley Haha sorry again.

Friday 02/03/2007, 19:40

K, ill remind my boi! smiley

Wednesday 07/03/2007, 00:45

Ok any word on this tournament? Updates? I think my opponent is KV Braker but I've been waiting so long till I forgot who I was supposed to battle against!?!?!smileysmiley

Wednesday 07/03/2007, 08:05

Nah ill be returning the entry fee to those who payed in...this tournament lol just didnt work thanks anyways guys

Wednesday 07/03/2007, 14:24

I'm sorry to hear that bro....hope it could have worked out better. Maybe next time then. Thanks though.

Thursday 08/03/2007, 06:24

Lol all good man all good

keep it krunksmiley

Friday 09/03/2007, 14:14

When the number of serious player increases maybe, so how do we get the money back?


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