Saturday 24/02/2007, 03:00

I have the following cards for trade:

Razor max (C)
Brutox max (C)
Melluzine lvl 2 (C)
Halley lvl 1 (C)
Venus lvl 1 (C)
Bob Joby max (C)
Jim lvl 1 (C)
Pino max (C)
Ricardo max (C)

I'm looking for the following cards:

Wanda lvl 1 (C)
Rebecca max (C)
Amy max (C)
War Dog max (C)
No Nam max (C)

Saturday 24/02/2007, 08:03

I have No Nam going for Brutox Melluzine Venus jim and Pino

Saturday 24/02/2007, 08:57

I have a Wanda lvl 2....i trade for your Venus Razor(them 2 are the same price then my Wanda in market)

Saturday 24/02/2007, 19:14

Lol, clinty. Jim by itself is almost worth the same as No Nam. Maybe Jim and one or two other characters. Or maybe make another creative offer.

Sorry, Piolho696, there was a cheap Wanda on market so i dont' need one anymore, thanks anyways, smiley

Saturday 24/02/2007, 19:37

I will trade you jim for Amy fully maxed

Saturday 24/02/2007, 20:10

Yeah but No Nam full level and jim : 1600 No Nam :2300

Saturday 24/02/2007, 20:39

He has a point

Sunday 25/02/2007, 03:59

I know No Nam is worth more then Jim, thats why i said Jim another Card or two.

Sunday 25/02/2007, 04:00

Nate, i already have Jim and i don't have Amy, or did you mean you trade me Amy for my Jim?

Sunday 25/02/2007, 19:46

I ment i will trade my Amy for your jim


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