offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Monday 26/02/2007, 14:17

We changed Ambre stats according to the poll results. Her new stats are: Power: 6, damages: 4 (Ability: Team: Courage 3)

offline Dr.Ido Titan  
Thursday 01/03/2007, 09:48

I confirm what NN-GroundZero said: yes, courage ability stacks up with other active bonus / ability. and yes, the only thing that can stop a leader ability is the fact that another leader is in the team (even if it's the same leader).

We're very happy that everyone seems to like the new Ambre stats, now it's up to you to build some nice decks around her.

offline AoEM Tarr Legend Army of Elite Mercenaries
Thursday 01/03/2007, 12:23

I just have one idea - leaders have cancel leader as a bonus so if two leaders are in your hand they cancel each other... but how about giving "cancel leader" as an ability to some ordinary character in the future? I know its not good ability but better than nothing...

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Thursday 01/03/2007, 15:57

Cancel leader as a ability would be useful if there were more leaders. Dr. Ido, any plans of making a new leader in the future? a leader with a cancel opp's leader ability? hmm...

offline 0 Bandit Master  
Friday 02/03/2007, 03:45

What if the opponent's deck has no leader??smiley it would be a rather disappointing leader... it would be nice if there will be a leader which cancels the opponent's deck's bonus?? coolsmiley hehehesmiley

offline 0 Bandit Master  
Friday 02/03/2007, 03:45

Only the leader bridget is too weaksmiley

offline Gazelle28 Imperator  
Friday 02/03/2007, 03:57

Yep, he might end up useless against a no-leader deck. Yep, i hope there is another leader smileysmiley

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Friday 02/03/2007, 19:44

smileynew leader please, wakokoko! smiley

offline AoEM Tarr Legend Army of Elite Mercenaries
Saturday 03/03/2007, 02:56

I think that if Bridget will be enhanced - it wont be much since her ability s much better than Timber's and Timber is 6/6... between 6/6 and 5/5 is quite a small space for enhancement i think

about new leader I completely agree - one or two more with some fine abilities - maybe something like "damage cannot be decreased" or so...

about Ambre - its quite fair to be courage 3 now - assuming that you distribute pills equally you get 8*3 = 24 attack (same as Hugo) but if you try harder you can harvest up to 42 attack out of it and thats quite a lot (thats more attack than any clan except Montana could generate with their bonus) - but still 6/4 is quite worse than Hugo's 7/5 so i think theyre now equal

i think its good idea to make leaders a lot stronger than 5-level ordinary cards cos leaders feature no bonus which is quite a disadvantage in game

offline ReadTheRules Titan Maracanaso
Saturday 03/03/2007, 06:20

My clan symbol is better than yours
plus 1 power leadersmiley
how about a leader that shows you how many pills your opponent used when they go first in the round (but count fury with pillz so you don't know if they used fury or not when they use 3 or more pillz)smiley

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