offline pumpkin Guru  
Monday 25/08/2008, 14:28

We made a mistake with the second round of the Miss Clint City competition. Tank is in La Junta and shouldn't be part of the Cool Attitude vote. We can't remove or replace her as players can only vote once and lots of people have already cast their vote. Votes for her will still count tho so Action gets another contestant at the expense of Cool Attitude. Sorry to the Cool Attitude fans.

offline Monsterlord Hero  
Sunday 14/09/2008, 19:37

Well, it's actually Ivy that has no shame. She's just copying smiley

Linda should've been in it smiley

offline yaoihuntresse Colossus Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 14/09/2008, 23:21

So when are we going to see the results of Miss Clint City? Not to be pushy, I'm just curious.

Answer to this subject

Clint City, night.