offline Obey Giant Imperator  
Friday 02/03/2007, 11:14

Wouldnt it be better if the guilds own room were to also be without randomness this way you know when you are practicing what would truly happen?...i mean you dont need luck in the practice chambers

offline Jericho78 Master Malaysian PRIDE squad
Tuesday 06/03/2007, 00:56

I'm going to second Finga's suggestion. Why not give total flexibilty in the guild rooms, allowing the members to really really practice and tweak and get to know their decks and card selections.smiley

offline Sacman68 Senior  
Saturday 24/03/2007, 05:54

This sounds like a biting off more than you can chew senario. lol

offline Progenitor Titan  
Saturday 24/03/2007, 13:08

What I'd really like to see is randomness turned off during the daily tournies. The way I see it and possibly most pple since it's pretty obvious and the reason why we want it turned off in guild chambers is that it involves minimal skill and tactics compared to without it. The Reasons I can think of for having randomness is evoing chars, casual fun play and adding a different dynamic to play. However do we really it to play a active part in ranking based events/tourney where the highest guy is the most skilled (either that being highest means nothing). Do we really want the top players in the daily tournies to be the ones who bring low lvled chars for battle points and banking on randomness? I understand that using low lvl chars itself is a strategy to maximise battle pt gain...but i feel even then using them should boil down to skill and not randomness. If pple want more pts with low lvl chars it should be substantially harder "everytime", not sometimes if luck kicks in.

offline Progenitor Titan  
Saturday 24/03/2007, 13:13

Im by no means saying the top players in daily tournies are skilless, it take skill to pull it off, but it shouldn't have randomness helping it. If u can win using a low lvled deck without randomness, then more power to you and ur top in the tourney for a good reason. And of course as far as I know, going to danger zone is pretty much scrapped with so little pple going in there and choosing dark corners during tourney time.

offline 0-PI ELYA Veteran NOYP!
Saturday 24/03/2007, 14:48

Yes, sometimes randomness gets pretty annoying when u put 4 pillz to kati and she loses to diego without pillz.. smiley
haha... anyway, i am new here but does the room in the guild will give us points and clintz?

offline WCF_Lemenya Veteran  
Saturday 24/03/2007, 18:54

Quote Fraggle - Admin

We are planning on allowing guilds admins to set various options in their rooms.. in the future

End Quote

Excelent idea,,,

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