offline ibtd Imperator Die Frettchen
Saturday 03/03/2007, 20:12

Ok, like I said, I am new to ELO. I reached level 20 today and I wanted to get some suggestions on how to improve my deck or maybe even a few tips and tricks on how to play it.

Pussycats - Fang Pi Clang

Pussycats 20* :

Charlie 7/8 5*
Yayoi 7/6 4*
Gwen 7/3 3*
Dolores Boss 5/5 3*
Noon Stevens 6/4 3*
Feelyn 5/3 2*

Fang Pi Clang 5* :

Windy Mor 6/4 3*
Marlysa 7/2 2*

While I know that the Fang Pi Clang are not the best choice for ELO (or in general), I have them in my deck because my pool is a little limited (I only have 25 cards and 3 of them are in ELO banned Pussycats) and their Stop Opp Ability ability is pretty nice I think. I was thinking about putting a Hugo in there to counter/reduce /- attack bonusses. Don't know if that is a good idea though since it would be another 5* card.

Maybe I should replace Marlysa and Windy Mor with my Jim and Samantha ? Or back to Sakura and Alice or Svelthlana ?

Any suggestions, tips and tricks are very welcome and appreciated.

Thx and GG

offline 6SimS-Sven Master UTOPiA
Sunday 04/03/2007, 03:07

Oh actually u need a better clan as u can see u havent got experience....u start off with sentinels-pussycats much better for beginners.... anyways if u really want fang pi and pussy heres a better
charlie-lvl 4

fang pi clang-14
windy mor or xia leming -3

tips and tricks u make urs =)

offline 0- JP Imperator † OVER KILL †
Sunday 04/03/2007, 04:47

Another Pussy-Clang deck I see, well if your planning to get serious bro, here's a nice build that you can aim for.
GGs! smiley

Charlie *5
Yayoi *4
Gwen *3 (replace with Manon CR *3)
Feelyn *2
Elya *3
Windy Mor *3
Xia Leming *3
Marlysa *2

The only problem i see in this build is that it can easily be overpowered, literally, but the good point is that you have nice card combination to play with (example: 8 damage Charlie with 4 damage Marlysa or even a two "surprise" 6 pill attack from your Fang Pi Clang; you have damage reduction, Stop Opp bonus and Stop Opp ability which makes it a fluid deck with no unevolved cards.
GGs! smiley

offline ibtd Imperator Die Frettchen
Sunday 04/03/2007, 12:14

Well, thank you guys so far.

Fang Pi Clang is definately not the clan I want to go with, but the cards I have limit me pretty bad at the moment. The only cards I have that are not from Pussycats or Fang Pi Clang (I had 2 Fang Pi and 2 Pussycats when I started to play Urban Rivals) are Jim, Samantha, Perle and Hugo.

I will for sure try to get Fang Pi Clang out of my deck, but i kinda like the Pussycats defensive capabilities.

And again, further comments are welcome.

Take care and GGs

offline ibtd Imperator Die Frettchen
Monday 12/03/2007, 20:12

Ok, I was a little lucky in some tournaments and I was shopping. Afterwards I kicked all the Fang Pi Clang out of my deck and replaced some Pussycats as well. Here is the current deck:

Pussycats 14*

Charlie 7/8 5*
Yayoi 7/6 4*
Gwen 7/3 3*
Feelyn 5/3 2*

Uppers 11*

Rubie 5/6 3*
Zatman 8/4 3*
Frankie Hi 6/4 3*
Samantha 5/2 2*

I think it looks more balanced now than with the Fang Pi Clang. I am not using Gina Glitt because of the Pussycats going defense already. Well, more or less defense. Charlie and Yayoi are always big offensive threats as well I think.

I don't think I will be able to replace Gwen with Manon Cr soon though smiley (What is her ability btw ?)

Any tips for my deck ?


offline 0- JP PI Master NOYP!
Tuesday 13/03/2007, 04:27

Manon Cr is a 2/6 ability plus 4 power.
Try using unevolved cards to compete with tier 1 decks.

Gwen *2
Svelthlana *1
Dolores Boss *2
Dorain *4

these are really good unevolved cards.. hence their prices in the market. It's up to you how you make it work, there are alot of possible cards that would work once the changes are set so have fun and experiment. But IMO, All Stars are perfect with Pussycats.


offline Prysm CCU Guru  
Tuesday 13/03/2007, 21:52

I think you're on to something there... Manon CR... I don't have that one... I want her and DJ Korr..

offline 69 hoodrich Legend  
Wednesday 14/03/2007, 14:38

This isnt a post about what cards you want. Any ways if you have to use pussycats and fang pi i would recommend
kati max
macumba max
marlysa max
xia leming max
yayoi max
charlie lv 4
gwen lv 2
feelyn lv 2
sorry for all misspelled names.

offline Captain Vito Senior  
Sunday 08/04/2007, 18:28

Josie and the Pussycats smiley

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