Ko tourney

Sunday 14/09/2008, 21:15

Knockout tourney
need 16 people
no entry fee
25* limit type1
best out of three matches

1st prize Petra
2nd prize Tyler
gl to everyone

Tuesday 30/09/2008, 15:16

I lost T_T

Tuesday 30/09/2008, 15:37

Woops soz its IUSTINIC vs simple sorry for the confusion but ceo is out because he didn't play his game fast enough im really sorry for the inconvience
so the final is IUSTINIC vs simple

Thursday 02/10/2008, 21:00

I'm having a hard time reaching my opponent so just let him choose which prize he wants I'll just take whatever is left

Sunday 05/10/2008, 17:23

OK It's been a long time and still I haven't played Toad. Maybe I should just surrender.

Sunday 05/10/2008, 22:14

Lol the tourney ended guy close this


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