offline haworth17 Master  
Saturday 10/03/2007, 12:55

Selling some differents cards all max lv

lost hog

please offer

offline SLOB-MJL Guru  
Tuesday 13/03/2007, 23:55

Lost hog 1800?

offline Rohe Master  
Wednesday 14/03/2007, 13:18

Hey dude,ill buy lost hog for 750 clintz.if u wanna go through with the deal just send me a private message.

offline Two_faced Imperator  
Wednesday 14/03/2007, 13:33

Will u accept if i offer 1200 clintz for lost hog? thats all i got

offline haworth17 Master  
Wednesday 14/03/2007, 19:40

Lost hog is sold

offline ironmask Senior  
Wednesday 14/03/2007, 21:17

Thanks for the sale, smiley

offline kydencrow Senior  
Tuesday 20/03/2007, 04:11

What do you want for Eyrton

offline haworth17 Master  
Tuesday 20/03/2007, 14:39

Only meyen and brutox is left

offline K9 Dizazter Imperator The Underdogs
Tuesday 20/03/2007, 19:51

I'll give ya 1800 for Lost Hog

offline 0Raykuro Master  
Wednesday 21/03/2007, 18:42

How much best price for lost hog? u can PM me.. thx

offline -0 Azarath- Senior  
Friday 23/03/2007, 18:08

Eyrton for dan at maxim level . you like ?

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Clint City, day.