offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 19/09/2008, 10:09

Hello to all our Moroccan players !

A great many players asked us for another payment method than credit card.
As you all know, we don't handle payments directly, we have recourse to partners.
We are not decision-maker about opening new payment methods for a country.

Good news for Moroccan players : Ticket Surf has now a partnership with Jaybi ( which allowes you to purchase credits on Urban.
To find the points of sale list in Morocco :

Good game !

offline Black23Mamba Master Magic Square
Thursday 02/10/2008, 23:07

I hope that would happen here in the philippines too, cuz there are so many players who cant purchase here without a credit card .. i for one ..

offline Rain Rain Colossus Open Casket
Thursday 02/10/2008, 23:36

: i agree with Ramz..

offline LoA CickNason Guru  
Friday 03/10/2008, 00:50

Well UR is updating a lot

offline ur_cute Veteran  
Friday 03/10/2008, 03:06

Ya if it Happen I could Get 1000 creadits a week

offline ur_cute Veteran  
Friday 03/10/2008, 03:08

I wiSh it Will Happen If i will Happen WooT maybe i will become a legEnd

offline Rain Rain Colossus Open Casket
Friday 03/10/2008, 11:15

: i hope SMS would be available here..
: smiley..
: its just a wish.. XD

offline guolin Master Urban Allies
Tuesday 07/10/2008, 00:51

When will USA get it...not that I need it but I feel degraded that USA doesn't have it...smiley

offline ur_cute Veteran  
Tuesday 07/10/2008, 02:53


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